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Hair Transplant

Hair loss, hair thinning and Androgenetic Alopecia are the major growing concerns in both men and women now a days. If not taken care in time, it eventually leads to baldness and loss of confidence. Hair transplant helps you to grow back your hair naturally and gain your confidence again. Hair transplant in Delhi, also known as Hair restoration surgery is a mild surgical, single day procedure to restore your hair in the bald areas of the scalp and get a permanent solution to your problem.

There are two different techniques of performing hair transplant i.e. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)- old method and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)- new method. Best Fue Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR.

FUE technique is more preferred over the old FUT technique because:-

  • FUT involves cutting and stitching of the skin from the back of the scalp (Donor Area), which is not present in FUE.
  • Minimal downtime in FUE.
  • No complications like hypertrophy of scar in FUE.
  • Healing process is faster in FUE as no hassle of suture removal.
  • FUT leads to wastage of hair follicles while cutting the follicles from the extracted skin, whereas no wastage of follicle in FUE as single- single follicular unit is extracted from the donor area.

It is a day care procedure done under local anesthesia for which patient doesn’t require any admission in the hospital. It usually takes 5-6 hours to perform the procedure by expert Hair Transplant Surgeons, Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi NCR. Patient can talk &  watch TV during the procedure. Patients can perform their daily routine activities from the very next day.The complete growth of the hair is visible in 8-9 months, after which they grow just like normal hair and patient can comb them, cut them, style them like earlier. The results of hair transplant are long lasting.

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