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Is Hydrafacial Worth it?

Confused if Hydrafacial is good for your skin and should be given a try, it being the most popular facial of this age?

If you are someone who is looking for the Best Skin Care Clinic in Delhi to give you a brighter complexion with younger-looking, well-hydrated skin, this blog can help find you an answer.

What is Hydra facial?

Hydra facial is a customizable medical facial known for its three steps process of deep cleaning, exfoliation, and hydration. The advanced hydra facial assists in lymphatic drainage thus improving the tone and texture of your skin. It involves the infusion of serums with several botanical ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. It is a professional procedure and BEST HYDRAFACIAL is mostly available in SKIN CARE CLINICS, dermatology offices, and aesthetic centers. It is a non-invasive procedure with no downtime and gives instant results.

How is Hydra Facial Done?

Hydra facial is a nine-step procedure consisting of radio frequency energy to activate your skin to build collagen thus reversing the age clock, the ultrasonic probe improves skin circulation giving your skin flawless radiance. There are probes for under-eye rejuvenation and jawline contouring to give your face a sculpted appearance. The serums to be infused into the skin can be customized to your skin needs, it can therefore take care of acne, pigmentation, under-eye fine lines, and dry and dehydrated skin. It also involves oxy infusion that improves cell turnover and LED lights to help your skin fight the free radicals and damaging effects of pollution on your skin. We compliment the treatment with an antioxidant-rich masque to bathe your skin in an everlasting glow. You can easily find a skilled Dermatologist in Rajouri Graden who can give you a soothing hydra facial for a healthy glow. 

The number of sessions required for hydra facial.

Hydra facial is a luxe facial that gives you the relaxation of a spa facial but has therapeutic benefits for different skin conditions. For sustained results, 4-6 sessions are advised at a frequency of two-three weeks.

How long does it take to see the results of a hydra facial treatment?

Hydra facial is an instantly gratifying treatment giving you fresh, youthful, plump skin immediately after your first session. However, for sustained results, 4-6 sessions are advised at regular intervals. 


Why chose Klinik Morphosis for Hydra facial?

KLINIK MORPHOSIS is a Skin Clinic in Rajouri Garden where the client first is our philosophy and we spend time understanding your skin needs and the end results in your desire. We provide you with detailed guidance about the procedure, and how it works, and customize the treatment according to your skin. Our aestheticians are all very well trained for the procedure. Reading the treatment reviews from our clients you would find that Klinik Morphosis is BEST SKINCARE CLINIC not only in Rajouri Garden (west Delhi) but the entire Delhi for a hydra facial and all other aesthetic treatments like LASER HAIR REDUCTION, PRP, HAIR PATCH, BB GLOW, CARBON PEEL, HAIR TRANSPLANT, MESOTHERAPY among all others.


The benefits of hydra facials outweigh those of a facial at a salon or spa. It does not only hydrate your skin but also gives you therapeutic benefits. So spending on a hydra facial from a skin care clinic under the supervision of a certified professional would be totally worth it.


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