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Medi Facials


Facials are like food for our skin but as each of us is unique and so is our Best Skin Care Clinic in Delhi, facials being the most basic step of our skin care need to be taken seriously. Medi facials are personalized facials according to your skin type. At KM we use medical grade organic ingredients that are made to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. The medi facials not only nourish and heal your skin but help to resolve skin concerns like acne, open pores, dullness, uneven skin tone.


We are all aware how vital is oxygen for our body, then how can we neglect it for the largest organ of our body i.e. skin. We at KM help your skin to replenish it’s lost oxygen with our oxy boost power facial. In this oxygen exclusive medi facial, the pure medical oxygen is delivered to your skin in the form of a fusion mist wherein we make a cocktail of vitamins (A,E,D), Rose hip oil and hyaluronic acid and electroporate the serum infusion into your face followed by a blast of pure oxygen through a jet based device. The treatment helps to nourish dull, dry, dehydrated skin and revitalise it helping you to achieve a youthful and radiant look.


Our signature super advanced skin rejuvenating facial includes the use of high quality organic ingredients derived from plant sources and very stable vitamin and mineral infusions. It is an hour of relaxing experience which begins with an organic fruit enzyme peel followed by application of green tea and azulene serum for the removal of comedones. Serum infusions tailor-made to your skin are then made to penetrate your skin with the help of cold radio frequency for maximum absorption. A calming essential oil and moisture surge formula is then massaged into the skin followed by an organic face mask suitable for your skin type. This is all finished up with mineral based SPF, leaving your skin nourished and rejuvenated. 


The Gua-Sha stone is the talk of the town these days and you definitely must have heard your favourite celebrity, an Instagram influencer or an aesthetically conscious friend talking about it. Yes, it is a wonder-tool and offers many beauty benefits, so we at KM have curated a special gun-sha stone detox facial combining all the benefits of this treasure tool in to a 45 minutes power facial. Gua-sha is a method that promotes lymphatic drainage helping to eliminate the puffiness caused by the trapping of interstitial fluid under your skin, especially the under eye area while it offers other benefits as:

  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulate collagen remodelling
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces inflammation and
  • Sculpt the facial muscles
  • Soothe the stress and promotes relaxation

In this super facial, we apply essential oil custom made to your skin type to help the gua she stone to glide smoothly over your skin to ensure proper scraping of your skin. The special gua sha stone massage is given being mindful of all the acupressure points of the face, neck, peri-auricular, supra clavicular and decollate area. It detoxifies the skin and improves circulation. Special serums are then applied to rejuvenate the skin and the treatment ends by applying a thermo pack to retain the heat produced by skin scraping to get maximum benefits in the form of a lifted, tightened and lustrous skin.


Your party ready skin is just a facial away…sounds too good to be true?? It is certainly possible with our Insta brightening party ready facial. In this luxe treatment, your skin is cleansed with a double cleansing system and ultrasonic device is used to improve the circulation of the skin, followed by application of a vit C and hyaluronic acid based peeling agent which is mild, suited for all skin types and have zero downtime. The ultrasonic massage allows for better absorption of the peeling agent and helps brightening your skin. A hydrating mask is then applied followed by moisturiser and broad spectrum sunscreen, leaving your skin all set to turn heads with its mesmerising glow and shine.


The environmental factors as pollution, heat, humidity and dust increases the level of free radicals in our body that distorts the cellular structure of the skin leaving it stressed out, dull looking and promotes the signs of ageing. The antipollution facial is specially designed medi- facial to boost the anti-oxidant levels in your skin to un do the damage caused by pollutants and environmental stress. This detoxifying anti-pollution facial is ideal for any city dweller. It incorporates gentle icrodermabrasion to renew overall skin texture, infusing anti-oxidant oxygen mist and a charcoal based mask.

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