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Insta Hair Restoration

More popularly known as Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, Artificial Hair Restoration, Hair patch (hair wig), Hair unit or Hair system, Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Delhi NCR.At present, hair loss problems like Androgenetic alopecia, Alopecia areata, Traction alopecia etc. are most common concerns especially for youth which not only affects the appearance of the person but also have a mental impact and person starts fearing to face public and loses his self-confidence. The best and instant way to gain your hair and confidence back is INSTA HAIR RESTORATION. Hair patch or wig/ extension is a non-surgical procedure in which 100% natural, virgin human hair are infused or laced on a custom made fine membrane. As they are human hair, it completely blends to the person’s existing hair texture and color.
It is placed on the scalp by different methods:-

  • Clip method- The hair patch is clipped on the existing hair on the scalp and it can be easily removed or attached by the person at home on regular basis.
  • Weaving method- The hair on the patch are weaved with the existing hair by our hair experts and it remains attached permanently.
  • Glue method- The hair patch is glued on the scalp with the medicated skin friendly glue and it remains attached for a longer time.


  • It offers an unmatchable density of hair.
  • Non-surgical procedure with no scars, no pain, no side effects and zero downtime.
  • 100% natural results instantly in just 2-3 hours
  • Customized unit based on the basic requirements like size, color, texture and density of the existing hair
  • Easy to maintain. Wash, swim, comb, style just like natural hair
  • Suitable for both men and women of all ages

Females with less volume, decreased density or shorter hair length can opt for this instant solution to their problems.We provide hair extensions for females with 100% natural virgin human hair that can provide volume, color and style to their existing hair.They care customized based on the color and texture of the existing hair. These can be easily clipped to the natural hair on different parts of the scalp based on the requirements and gives you voluminous, stylish, long natural looking hair instantly.
These can be colored, styled or washed just like natural hair and can be removed and clipped back again daily.

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