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KM 360 Body contouring Treatment

Each of us is unique and has ones own perception of body image, good health and fitness. Keeping this in mind we design custom made body contouring program that caters to your unique idea of a great body. 

This program includes: 
Debulking: if you are fighting with all the fat deposited in mid section of the body giving you a bulky appearance on abdomen, thighs and hips, debulking is the first step towards your body contouring journey.This utilises high intensity focussed ultrasound to breakdown the fat deposited in adipose tissue to simpler form which then is eliminated through lymphatic drainage system. 

Sculpting: is done with state of art cryolipolysis technology to treat stubborn pockets of fat. The fat cells in unwanted pockets are crystallised and eliminated from the body giving you that perfect hourglass waistline.

Toning: if you want to achieve that perfect body shape without spending hours in the gym, we at KM can help you achieve significantly strong core and good muscle strength in just two weeks with four 30mins sessions. This is done using a combination of HIFEM(High intensity focused electromagnetic) with radio frequency. This dual energy makes your muscles contract for approximately 20000 times in 30 mins thereby building the muscle while eliminating the stubborn fat from the area being treated.

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